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Decals are made of different types of specialty vinyl, with special adhesive for different situations. All are printed with outdoor UV solvent inks that are warranted against fading for up to three years. All printing is custom and is priced per sq.’  (for large format size) or priced in sq.” (for smaller bumper sticker size). Decals can be any sizes from a few sq.” up to as large as you can imagine (sizes over 54” on the small side will need to be tiled, just like wallpaper). Remember, these decals in their most basic sense are just bumper stickers, with a peal back liner. Additional finishing options are available at a nominal fee.Prop 65 WARNING

Large Format Decals – larger then 1’x2′

  • Standard Decal – Our standard vinyl decals are made from 53” width MacTac 3.7 mil. This decal is great for flat surfaces and short term (2 year). It works good on the side of a flat truck and can also be put onto a variety of rigid mounting materials, such as Foamcore, styrene and Sintra. Check out our Mounting page. We can also add a UV cold lamination for added protection.Prop 65 WARNING
  • Premium Decal – Our premium vinyl decals are made from either Arlon, Avery or 3-M cast vinyl with air chambers. This decal is great for vehicle wraps and curvy surfaces. It is a 2 mil decal with a 2 mil lam (the lam is included in the cost with this product) It is a vinyl that can be on long term (up to 5 years) and is 53” wide.Prop 65 WARNING
  • Perforated Window FilmOur one-way see through media is a window product that mounts to the outside of the window. It can be mounted to the frames in between the windows to help create the appearance of one continuous image. You are not able to see in through the window from the outside but from the inside you are able to see out perfectly. The window film is also a window tint that blocks 50% of the suns rays.Prop 65 WARNING

Window Perf. viewed from outside

Window Perf. viewed from inside, works like window tint

  • Translucent/Clear Vinyl Our Translucent or Clear vinyl decals are made from 2 mil Arlon cast vinyl. This decal is great for light boxes where you want the print to be adhered to either Lexan or to Plexiglass. It is a white decal that allows light to come thru to light up the image. It is a vinyl that can be on long term (up to 5 years) and is 53” wide.Prop 65 WARNING

  • Static Cling – Our static cling is a white 6 mil vinyl. This product is great for going on windows or glass where you might need to move or reposition the material. It is a short term product (6 months) we can print up to 53” wide.Prop 65 WARNING

Standard Decal Premium Decal Perforated Window Film Translucent/Clear Vinyl Static Cling
$5.00 per sq’ (R) $10.00 per sq’ (R)
$11.67 per sq’ (R)
$8.33 per sq’ (R)
$8.33 per sq’ (R)

Kiss-Cut available 15 sq.’ or less : $50.00 (R), 16 sq.’-32 sq’: $83.33 (R)