Tech Info

Technical Information

In order to provide the highest quality prints, the most competitive prices, and the quickest turnaround, we strongly recommend that all digital files sent to us conform to the following parameters:

Large format and outdoor applications larger then 3’x3’
* Save files as TIFF, EPS, PDF or AI files
* 75 dpi
* 100 % final print size
* CMYK mode with blacks set to 20/20/20/100

Smaller format and indoor applications smaller then 3’x3’
We do not print anything smaller then 1 sq. ft. Our printers are for larger size images. The viewing distance is very close on small images sharpness might become an issue.

* Save files as TIFF, EPS, PDF or AI files
* 150 dpi
* 100 % final print size
* CMYK mode with blacks set @ 20/20/20/100

Special note for saving large files
Files in excess of 100 megabytes can be compressed safely and efficiently using the following procedure.

* In Photoshop <image <flatten image
* <save as <eps
* <eps options <preview: 8 bits/pixel
* <encoding:JPEG (maximum quality)
all other boxes UNCHECKED<save

Proofing info
What you see on your proof is a low-res representation of what you will receive. If you send in your order in black and white and you need us to change a color make sure it is changed on your proof. If you have pms colors make sure the file is set up CMYK and the values are correct in the file, also include a note in your purchase order and we will also check it for you. Remember all monitors are different and the colors might not be exact but they should be close (red- red, blue-blue, etc.). PMS colors from a process book are the best way to ensure accurate color.

Standard Turnaround Times
The Banner Store’s standard turnaround time is 3 full working days (4 day’s Fabric) after art is approved. If a shorter turnaround time is desired, the job may be subject to expedite charges, we offer a next day (2 day’s Fabric) service. For details, questions, and comments, please feel free to contact us.