Spring Pop-up Stands


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Spring 3

Spring 3 is a superb general-purpose tensioned banner stand. Quick and easy to erect, this item offers both ease of use and great value for money. Single vinyl banner, stand w/ bag. The Size is 31.5”x79″.

Stand size 31.5″x79″                                           $99.83 w/ vinyl banner (R)


Spring 5
Spring 5 is a superb general-purpose tensioned banner stand for indoor or Outdoor use. It can be used as a single or double sided unit and is quick and easy to erect. It is supplied with a plastic base that can be filled w/ water or sand and comes with a travel bag. The stand can Expand from 2’x5′ – 3’x6′ (new banner is needed for each size).

Stand size Expand from 2′x5′ – 3′x6′           $266.67 w/ vinyl banner 1 sided (R)

                                                                     $330.00 w/ vinyl banner 2 sided (R)


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