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Orient Retractable Stands

The Orient Retractable Banner Stand combines durability with a sleek streamline design. Banner set up is simple and only takes a few seconds to put up. It is finished in anodized silver or black with heavy duty molded endplates. Padded carry bag is included. Banner is printed on Super Flat Vinyl all sizes are 83”H. They come in 4 widths 24″ (Orient 600), 36″ (Orient 920), 48″ wide (Orient 1000) and 60″ (Orient 1500). All 3 sizes of Orient’s come w/ a lifetime warranty.


Orient#               Graphic Size               Amount

600                       24″x82″                      $218.33 (R)

920                       36″x82″                      $285.00 (R)

1200                     48″x82″                      $376.67 (R)

1500                     60″x82″                      $451.67 (R)

Econo Roll Retractable Stands

The Econo Roll packs great value into an easy-to-use durable and attractive stand. Finished in anodized aluminum and heavy-duty plastic end plates, padded carry bag is included. Banner is printed on Super Flat Vinyl all sizes are 80”H. It is simple to use and comes in 5 widths 24″, 33.5″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ wide. All sizes come w/ a 1 year warranty.

Econo Roll                   Graphic Size                 Amount

24″                                  24″x80″                       $99.83 (R)

33.5″                               33.5″x80″                    $116.50 (R)

36″                                  36″x80″                       $132.67 (R)

48″                                  48″x80″                       $199.83 (R)

60″                                  60″x80″                       $259.83 (R)

Table Top                      24″x40″                        $93.17 (R)


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