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Orient Retractable Stands

The Orient Retractable Banner Stand combines durability with a sleek streamline design. Banner set up is simple and only takes a few seconds to put up. It is finished in anodized silver or black with heavy duty molded endplates. Carry bag is included. They come in 4 widths 24″ (Orient 600), 36″ (Orient 920), 48″ wide (Orient 1000) and 60″ (Orient 1500). All 3 sizes of Orient’s come w/ a lifetime warranty.


Orient#               Graphic Size               Amount

600                       24″x82″                      $218.33 (R)

920                       36″x82″                      $285.00 (R)

1200                     48″x82″                      $376.67 (R)

1500                     60″x82″                      $451.67 (R)

Econo Roll Retractable Stands

The Econo Roll packs great value into an easy-to-use durable and attractive stand. Finished in anodized aluminum and heavy-duty plastic end plates, carry bag is included. It is simple to use and comes in 5 widths 24″, 33.5″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ wide x 82″ tall. All sizes come w/ a 1 year warranty.

Econo Roll                   Graphic Size                 Amount

24″                                  24″x80″                       $99.83 (R)

33.5″                               33.5″x80″                    $116.50 (R)

36″                                  36″x80″                       $132.67 (R)

48″                                  48″x80″                       $199.83 (R)

60″                                  60″x80″                       $259.83 (R)

Table Top                      24″x40″                        $93.17 (R)


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