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Monsoon Banner Stand

Sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame for outdoor display. Frame snaps in and locks together, banners easily mount to all sides of the frame with bungee cords. Stand can be used either horizontally or vertically and can be used w/ either scrim vinyl or mesh for heaver wind loads. Comes w/ a carry bag.


 Stand & 1 Scrim Banner $243.34 (R)
Stand & 2 Scrim Banner $331.67 (R)
Stand & 3 Scrim Banner $420.00 (R)

Stand & 1 Mesh Banner $276.67 (R)
Stand & 2 Mesh Banner $365.00 (R)
Stand & 3 Mesh Banner $453.00 (R)


Outdoor Banner Wall

The Outdoor Banner Wall is your solution for large outdoor banner display. Water filled bases provide support and stability when displaying your graphics outdoors. With adjustable height and double sided display capabilities, The Outdoor Banner Wall is a versatile stand that can be used for countless events.


Banner Wall Stand              8′ tall x 8′ wide                    $350.00 (R)

Fabric Banner                     8′ tall x 8′ wide                    $320.00 (R)

Vinyl banner                        8′ tall x 8′ wide                    $240.00 (R)



Spring 5
Spring 5 is a superb general-purpose tensioned banner stand for indoor or Outdoor use. It can be used as a single or double sided unit and is quick and easy to erect. It is supplied with a plastic base that can be filled w/ water or sand and comes with a travel bag. The stand can Expand from 2’x5′ – 3’x6′ (new banner is needed for each size)

– Adjustable Size from 2’x5′ to 3’x6′
– Hangs by Grommets in Corners
– Single or 2 Sided (optional)
– Comes w/ Plastic Water Base

Stand size Expand from 2’x5′ – 3’x6′           $266.67 w/ vinyl banner 1 sided (R)

                                                                     $330.00 w/ vinyl banner 2 sided (R)

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